Monday, December 16, 2013

Candy Crush Tips: Things to do when you are stuck on difficult levels

1. Change your focus in the game [Change your game plan]

 When you get yourself stuck at a level for a some time, you start to question your luck, and your mind begins to entertain conspiracy theories. As a result, you will get depressed, and make bad decisions in playing the game.

 "This is how the developer makes their money!"
 "You can't get through this without spending money!"
 "God hates me!"
 And so on and so forth.

 You start to think that anybody who progressed beyond your level is most probably doing so with a little help from his or her credit card. This is when you should try doing this one thing. And that is to change your focus in the game. If your game plan is to progress by doing things in a particular sequence, try coming up with an alternate sequence. Try wiping out the center area first before you progress downwards. Or take out that pesky bomb first. Or try using the back button (on Android) if the board presented to you is not to your advantage. Do whatever that is different from what you normally do!

Often, this paradigm shift is all the luck you need to go to the next level.

Applies to: Levels where you have been stuck for a long while, and is making you depressed.

2. Use the back button on Android devices

 The back button on Android devices can help you restart a game without you being penalized by dropping lives on most game types, except for the timed ones where you will lose a life when you do so. As such, on certain levels, like level 33, where moves are at a premium, make use of this as much as possible, by only continuing the game if the candies are nicely aligned for you.

Applies to: Levels 33, and other levels where available moves are limited.

3. Maximize unoccupied space to create more chances to generate the special candies

 This is something that you may not get when you first play the game. When you play those levels where unoccupied space is at a premium, you will find that you generate less special candies to do the combos, and that's because the more space you get the more chances you have of creating those special candy combos.

 In levels where there is a large block of unmovable candies, the first thing you should do is usually to clear the blockage so that you have the maximum space possible to generate the special candies. After that only you start clearing your way downwards.

Applies to: Levels ..., and levels where there is a large mass blocking your progress.

4. Prioritize!

 On levels where you have bombs, you will need to take them out as soon as possible, or within the next 2 moves. Otherwise, a few candy swipes later, the board might change to a formation which no longer favors you.

 Also, be aware that some areas of the board, like the top, or the sides, have higher priority because it is harder to get new candies to drop into those area. Locked away areas, and isolated islands also have a higher priority for the same reason.

Applies to: All levels

5. Watch a video to see how others get past this level online

 When you are really, really stuck, you can also go to Youtube and type "Candy Crush" plus the level number. Watch any one of the game walkthrough videos that come up. All you need is usually just that light bulb moment of inspiration. I have seen people retelling how they were able to progress immediately afterwards just by watching a video on how others do it on a level where they have been stuck for months. That is because they have been doing the same wrong sequence over and over again. Once they see how others do it, and changed their focus accordingly, the particular level became easy. Happened to me often, I must admit.

Applies to: All stuck levels!

So there you go, some things to do to help you when you are stuck on difficult levels.

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