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Clash Of Clans Tips: How to get the 1250 Sweet Victory achievement early

Why go for the "Sweet Victory!" 1250 achievement early?
As a bonus of going for the "Sweet Victory!" achievement early, you will be awarded 450 gems which will help you get hold of the 3rd builder, and as a result, help you get ahead of your peers in the game faster.

How to do it?
If you are wanting to get the 1250 achievement early, you are probably at level 25 or thereabouts, with a level 6 town hall, and above the 700 trophy range. These figures are only included as guidance, and vary from person to person. Since you want to do it early, you will probably have to punch above your weight, and when you do so, accept that you will probably lose 95% of the fights if they were fair fights. Yes, you are that weak in this stage of the game. :/

So, go back into your big bad school bully mode and find bases that:
 1. Are weakly defended - Those that have no walls, low level walls, not more than 3 compartments of walls, etc.

 2. Leave their town halls outside (By the way, people do this to gain a shield and some good night sleep from the game. You need to do this once, to understand how it works. Don't worry too much about losing trophies, as usually you would not lose many, -5, -7, etc. compared to the at least 10+ that you can win).

 3. Have their gold mines and collectors full of uncollected resources outside the base. You need to be able to tell an overflowing collector or gold mine apart from one that just have their resources collected recently. You can get 50% of what is inside the elixir collectors and gold mines, and if they have most of their resources outside, there is a chance that you will hit the 50% damage done needed for you to win the game, and the trophies. The more you do this, the better you will be able to judge your chances of winning this. As a bonus, you also get the huge amount of loot.

 This game is about bullying other people, and exploiting others' weaknesses so that you can plunder their riches, and launder that resources to build an army that can do this even better. Every time you go into a multiplayer match, you are going into bully mode. The more you play this game, the more you will fear what you will become. :/

 If you cannot do the bullying well, there is Candy Crush Saga. ;) And I played that one too - although rarely these days, since this game became available on Android.

What do you need to do or know?
  • Know your breakeven point, so that you know how much resources to target for on each raid. Get a calculator and count the elixir cost for all your troops. This should be about 30K elixir or less. Then set a target to achieve - maybe 100K in combined resources (gold and elixir), with at least 30K elixir. If not, hit the next button. Make use of that button. I frequently go over 10 or more before I settle on a base to attack. Do not accept what you are given.
  • Know your attacking deficiencies:
  1. Don't attack a base with 3 mortars.
  2. Don't attack a base with mortars that have 2 or more gold lines, cannons with above 2 gold lines, etc.
  3. Don't attack  defenses with more than 5 compartments (especially if you do not play with more than 6 wall breakers).
  4. Don't attack walls gold and higher (especially if you do not play with more than 6 wall breakers).
     The above are dependent on your troops strength and personnel. You will need to try and err, to find out what rules you should stick to. Make up your own rules as you play the game.

  • Know the enemy's strengths: If you see a Barbarian King, Archer Queen, etc, it may be a better idea not to attack.
  • Test the enemy's Clan Castle: If you can go within the Clan Castle's coverage radius, sacrifice a goblin or barbarian (only 60 elixirs each at level 3) and have that little guy run at the Clan Castle, and see whether any troops pour out from there. You can choose not to attack if you see troops, for example. Or if you see a dragon, hit the next button quickly. That beast alone can take out your giants in seconds, never mind the rest of the defense. It is a good idea to chicken out now! All bullies are chicken at heart, so don't worry about this. You will get used to being a chicken, I promise you. ;)
  • Use your specialist bomb detection squad: They are also known as goblins, and they can be placed onto a run into suspect empty  spaces before you attack the base, to trigger the hidden bombs. They are too fast for the bombs, and will trigger every bomb in their path. Good especially against those people who like to cluster all their mines and traps at a few spots. And the best part is - notice that they do not complain to the evil warlord (that's you!) when you send them on their run.
  • Know the town hall levels, and what defenses they can have in their level: Go online and look at the different pictures of town halls. Or visit your clan members town hall, and click on them to see the town hall level. They are all represented differently in the game. Do this until you can tell one from the other just by looking at them.
       Once you are familiar with the differences, if you see a town hall 5 base with empty squares - you know there can't be any Hidden Teslas in there. There can be Giant bombs or Pumpkin bombs (Halloween only) or Santa Strike (Christmas season) though. If you spot a level 8 town hall, you may not want to attack because they normally have a strong base, as well as Hidden Teslas.
  • Know the walls well, and how many wall breakers you need to break each grade of walls. Example: You will need 2 wall breakers level 3 to break the golden walls.
  • Browse online resources for the game, or get a good game guide. This is one of those games where you need to read a lot on, to do well. So make sure you read more to understand the game. If you don't find out more about the game, you will be clueless about the game.

  • Get help from your clan: Ask for healers, giants, etc, to help you in your attack: If you are in a good clan, you will find people offering healers, and higher level troops that can help your cause. Ask for them, don't be shy. If you don't have access to the healer yet, make use of this channel. By the way, if you wondered why the healers look the way they are - it is because that heaven lost a lot of angels due to enemy fire in Clash Of Clans - and have since converted some of their more ordinary looking maids into angels. Now you know! :)
  • Part of the art of being a good bully is knowing who you cannot bully. Remember that it is alright to chicken out at a match early, especially if certain things develop in the game - you pressed too quick and started the attack unknowingly, you notice a dragon coming out of the Clan Castle, eg. Just surrender, and you will be able to launch the next attack more or less within the next few minutes especially if you have troops queuing in your barracks. You will not be losing resources, although you will still lose trophies. When I was fighting for my 1250 achievement, I was afraid of doing this, but now that I am no longer going for that, at times, I will deliberately sacrifice a goblin - bless them - to lose trophies so that I can stay within the 1050 - 1200 trophy range that is ideal for me to do my resource farming. Looking back, in some of those situations I was already going to lose anyway, so why lose my precious resources as well?

  • Do not put pressure on yourself by expecting to be able to achieve 1250 trophies easily in a single run. The levels before are easier, and if you look at other clan members, some of the higher ups are not too far away from the 1200 trophy level. Going from 0 to 800 is easy, going from 800 to 1200 is not easy unless you have maximized your base, or you have spent some real cash at the game buying the gems.

  • Do not spend gems in this game doing frivolous things like boosting your production. Do not even spend them on anything at all, because you will need them for this achievement, and you will also need them later for your 4th and 5th builders. This does not apply to those who spends cash in this game to buy gems, of course.

What should I do next?
Go for level 7 as soon as you can, as level 6 is a level that limits you. You will always find it difficult to coordinate attacks against the gold walls and beyond, and you will also not have enough troops to win the battle at times. On top of that, you do not have enough walls available to you to build a decent base and that leaves you vulnerable to plunderers.

Bear in mind that there is a 4-day upgrade time to get into town hall level 7, so take that into account as well. I hit the upgrade button when my walls were partially black and gold, by the time I reached level 7 town hall, my walls were mostly gold with a bit of pink coming through. Some would say I upgraded too early, but this is highly dependent on the way you play the game. If you are an attacking player, I'd say go for it!
Beyond this, your next target in the game should be to go for the 4th builder to help you do things faster.

Good luck, chief!

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